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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Our mission identities and supports the needs of all women and is committed to connecting and challenging women to realize and reach their full potential.

The W.E. Coalition is dedicated by recognizing, addressing and supporting the following objectives:

  1. Increasing the percentage of women in leadership positions.
  2. Increasing the retention rate of women at all levels.
  3. Establish, enhance, and support women’s development and mentoring programs.
  4. Encourage innovative ways to elevate the stature of women within your program or organization.


The purpose of the coalition is to aid in leveraging the resources of DSU organizations and programs or DSU affiliated organizations or programs to elevate the stature of women by committing to the value of women to our community and organization. The W.E. Coalition focuses on four objectives to directly support the role and goals of other organizations whose focus is based in the elevation of women.