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Strategic Plan

This is a very exciting time for our university. As I have said many times before, this will be one of the most important strategic plans in our history, as it is the strategic plan that shapes us as the newest university in the state of Utah. I need your help and we need your ideas and feedback.     -President Richard "Biff" Williams

Goal 4:

Promote the success of underserved and underrepresented faculty, staff, and students by enhancing support for inclusion and equity

Desired Outcomes

  1. By Fall 2016, at least fifteen cultural programs or activities are sponsored each academic year.
  2. By Fall 2020, the percentage of international students has increased from 2.7 percent to 5 percent of the total student population.
  3. By Fall 2020, the number of female administrators (deans or higher) will double.
  4. By 2020, at least 10 percent of administrative positions (deans or higher) on campus are filled by racial/ethnic minorities.
  5. By Fall 2020, the percentage of racial/ethnic minority students (excluding international students) has increased from 17.7 percent to 30 percent of the total student population or proportional to that in Washington County (whichever is higher).
  6. By Fall 2020, racial/ethnic minorities within the faculty and staff has increased to at least 15 percent of the total number of faculty and staff.
  7. By Fall 2020, the retention of minority students has increased from 45.2 percent to 52 percent.
  8. Employees’ sense of validation, belonging, and personal/professional safety, as measured with a climate survey, improves each year.
  9. There is an increase in courses that address diversity, equity, and inclusion in meaningful ways.

More Information

Details of our strategic plan for promoting the success of underserved and underrepresented faculty can be found in the University Strategic Plan, downloadable as a pdf, or by visiting our Strategic Plan page: Strategic Plan - 2015